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Donna Taylor

Donna was steeped in the legacy and tradition of growing cannabis for over 30 years. With more than three decades of experience cultivating cannabis, Donna bought a holistic and unique approach to cultivating cannabis. Her methods are the foundation of how Kush Kollege teaches our students in horticulture.  

Donna won the International Association of Marijuana Growers and Members Cannabis Cup for her strain of Super Lemon Haze and Bubba Gift. Donna’s passion for cultivating cannabis started when, like most of us, got tired of paying for cannabis that was inconsistent and she wanted a more natural way to treat her chronic back pain versus using prescription drugs. Over time she perfected her own methods by growing organically, using compost teas and simply treating and nurturing her girls (as she would always say) like babies. 

Unfortunately, Donna passed away peacefully in her sleep right before the legalization green wave hit our state. She will truly be missed and her beautiful spirit lives on through Kush Kollege. 

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