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Born in Southern New Jersey – He earned a football scholarship while playing for Pennsauken High School and went on to attend Delaware State University. There he studied and received my degree in Chemistry.


After graduating he began and ended my professional career working in the food industry for fortune 500 companies as a Process Engineer, Worldwide Quality Analyst, Operations Manager and Plant Manager. My genuine affinity towards the fields of science, math and leadership was the cornerstone for my success – and certainly influenced my decision in the direction of cannabis cultivation.


His passion for horticulture/gardening came from his grandparents during his early years, where he spent many a summer in the sunshine state of Florida.


Although some may mistake gardening vegetables and cannabis as one and the same, this is simply not the case. It took him several years of understanding the intricacies of Cannabis cultivation to truly appreciate the power of a delicate approach. Each strain requires different and special attention. Rory believes that once you master the ‘why’ during the life cycle of your cannabis plants, growing becomes much easier and even fun.


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