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Vision Statement:

Kush Kollege will provide a virtual learning experience that will provide students with the knowledge and confidence to either work within the cannabis industry, or start their own business. We are committed to help ensure the success of each and every student. Kush Kollege represents more than an environment for education, it also seeks to help our students to develop a deeper appreciation for the cannabis industry.

We seek to attract and serve those from areas hard hit by past cannabis laws. Our aim is to collaborate with these communities that provide economic assistance to people in these impacted areas.

Kush Kollege will partner with Growers, Dispensaries and Processing facilities that seek individuals to add to their workforce.

Mission Statement:

“Empowering people with the knowledge and understanding needed to be successful in Cannabis Horticulture, Budtending and Cooking with Cannabis"


Kush Kollege Story

Since 2010, Rory W. has been part of the world of Cannabis – getting accustomed to the intricacies and minutiae of its various subcultures. He has always maintained a natural fascination for the art of horticulture and crop cultivation. During this decade, it was not uncommon for people

to grow Cannabis. This was the same year when Rory met a woman that would soon become his mentor, Donna T. With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry, Rory soon had realized he had to get to know her. After many months of conversations Rory knew he had to ask,

“Can you teach me how to grow? She seemed surprised, or startled even, at the brazen request, but she agreed to under one condition. She told Rory he had to read The Grow Bible by Greg Green.

Her reasoning was simple: “Read that book and when you’re finished, I will ask you a host of questions to see if you’ve read it from cover to cover, and based on your answers, I will decide if I can teach you.”


In other words, she was testing Rory’s passion, patience and perseverance for learning how to grow Cannabis. For several years, Needless to say, he passed with flying colors and the growing journey


Donna Taylor – aka Mama Ganja – won the International Association of Marijuana Growers and Members Cannabis Cup, for her strain of Super Lemon Haze and Bubba Gift. Not only had he met somebody who could teach me how to grow – He met a beautiful human being, who had been growing successfully for over 25 years.


Thus far in my career, my background has been a colorful backdrop of skills and knowledge that have certainly come in useful where growing Cannabis is concerned. 


After leaving college, where he studied Chemistry, Mr. Wood began working for Campbell Soup Company as a Research Technician in Ingredient Technology. From this role, he worked my way up into Process Engineering and then eventually onto Quality Assurance where he traveled throughout the United States and Canada to different Campbells’ facilities, conducting product start-ups and audits.


Due to Rory’s background in STEM and his love for science, learning to grow cannabis was an empirical process that he took great pride in perfecting – and it is this precise spirit that he wishes to share with the world.


Kush Kollege is designed to help people avoid all the mistakes he made in his growing journey – one that can bridge the gap of knowledge and shorten the learning curve.


It is an extension of Rory's experience, a hybrid of the old-school and more modern method that he is confident will help the students of Kush Kollege to be competitive in today’s cannabis climate.

Kush Kollege Story


Rory Wood -6731.jpg

Rory Wood

Horticulture and Cannabis Infusion


Donna Taylor


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